Cloud Working Group

The new trends in technical innovation, development and implementation shape our daily lives as much as ongoing changes in administrative processes. Increasingly, these are digitised and electronically processed. Technical trends and corresponding regular updates of established procedures and the IT infrastructure are cornerstones in making even administrative work processes more economical and efficient.

European public IT service providers will continue to work with different sovereign tasks, unequal basic infrastructures as well as varying stages of development in the optimised operation of computer centres. Yet together, the Euritas members can make a big difference: the different starting points of the public IT service providers involved in Euritas offer an ideal basis for establishing common best practices. This bundling of requirements and interests can influence both manufacturers and standards, and can thus shape the optimal operating environment for European public IT associations.

The results of the Euritas Cloud White Paper provide an overview of the future market demand and the frameworks required for an economically viable implementation of cloud technologies. In addition, the White Paper provides an overview of what needs to be done from a European perspective to enable the successful utilisation of cloud services.

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Manoela Bodiroza, BRZ (Austria)
Manoela Bodiroza, BRZ (Austria)