APIS IT (Croatia)


For over 50 years APIS IT LLC provides strategic, professional and implementation services to the public and government sector organizations of the Republic of Croatia in planning, development, support and maintenance of their information systems.

In the creation of the information environment in Republic of Croatia, the role of APIS IT is to develop and monitor the implementation of the directives, norms and policies in e-Government, to give support the public administration in development of its own IT strategies, to develop and support common ICT infrastructure, to promote the best practices in developing information systems, including the protection of the personal data, use of shared services and access to the information resources of the government administration with corresponding authorization and authentication.

APIS IT also provides wide range of expert services, from business analysis, data and business process management, design and development of information systems, IT support to central and unified data registers, continuous maintenance and upgrade of IT systems, system integration and support, hosting, as well as the Customers’ education and support in everyday operations. Projects range from informatization of largest systems of national and local government, introduction of personal identification number (PIN-OIB), fiscalization, establishment of the informational system and regional interoperability and interconnectivity project for Croatian Customs Administration, EU projects of Customs and Tax Administration.

During its extensive experience APIS IT has supported information society development in line with the strategic guidelines of its founders. Design and development of complex information systems have made APIS IT the biggest IT integrator in Croatia and key partner to the government in creating user-oriented public administration.


Juliana Strbic, APIS IT (Croatia)