Assinter meets Regions: a new impetus for the Italian Digital Agenda

Insiel – Presentazione alla Protezione Civile – Sede centrale della Protezione Civile – Palmanova, 30/3/2017 – Foto Luca Valenta © 2017

Last March 30th – 31st 2017, Insiel SpA, the in-house ICT company of Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, hosted Assinter Assembly in Trieste.

During the first day, Assinter met Commissione speciale Agenda Digitale della Conferenza delle Regioni e Province Autonome, an organism created with the aim to coordinate and discuss the activities of Regions in the digital sector in order to find best practices for the implementation of national policies.

The meeting was relevant to foster the implementation of the agreement between Assinter and Commissione speciale Agenda Digitale, which promotes collaboration and debate among Regions, Central Government and the in-house regional ICT companies network, represented by Assinter.

As the agreement established, Assinter Assembly assisted for the first time to the participation and nomination of two regional Assessors, Giuseppina De Santis and Loredana Capone, as permanent members of the Assembly.

During the second day, Assinter met Debora Serracchiani, the President of Friuli Venezia Giulia, who defined in-house ICT companies as “a precious asset for the implementation of the Italian Digital Agenda”.

Finally, the event was also an occasion to visit the virtuous site of Civil Protection in Palmanova and the Disaster Recovery secondary location.