President Simone Puksic is elected to the Vice Presidency of the European Network Euritas

Euritas, the European network of ICT service providers for the public administration, has elected as Vice President Simone Puksic, President of Assinter Italia and of Insiel S.p.A., the ICT in housecompany of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region.

The Euritas network brings together European public IT companies with the aim of fostering the exchange of know-how, best practices, EU projects and programs on digital innovation, thus facilitating the cooperation of European policy makers in the field of eGovernment and Digital Agenda. This network comprises many European countries, as it gathers associate from: Italy, with the presence of Assinter Italia; Germany, with BVA, Dataport, DVZ, HZD, ITDZ and Vitako; Switzerland and Austria, with BIT and BRZ; Holland and Denmark, with Logius, Samenwerking Noord and Statens it. The Euritas network continues to be characterized by a strong and steady expansion and, in the coming weeks, new members from Croatia is going to join the network.

The renewal of the Vice Presidency to Assinter Italia confirms the important role played by our Association in the European ICT panorama for public administration. It is a guarantee of a direct relationship between the network of Italian and European ICT companies, carrying out an indispensable function of “hub” between European strategies, national guidelines and local programming. Today, Assinter Italia gathers 17 “in house” companies owned by Regions and Autonomous Provinces operating in the IT sector, representing an industry that employs approximately 5000 employees and a turnover of almost one billion euros per year. The networking work of these companies contributes actively to the realization of the Digital Agenda, to promote the development of digital territories and to facilitate the public private partnership in the field of ICT.

“The in housecompanies – has underlined Puksic – can provide strategic skills, solutions and services in a network logic, charging the aggregation of the demand for IT services in the territories. The role of these companies is strategic and crucial, not only in relation to the country’s digital innovation projects but also in relation to the digital targets set by the European Union to be centered by 2020″.

With the aim of reinforcing the cooperation between European and national actors, from 20 to 22 November, President Simone Puksic will lead a mission to Brussels with the objective of developing new projects European ICT with high digital content.


Silvia Barbieri, assinteritalia (Italy)