ASSINTER ITALIA: main actor in the discussion about Digital Agenda implementation in Italy

In the last few days, Assinter Italia has been having interesting discussions with the most important representatives of the Business world, the Public Administration and the University, taking part in the following national conference about Digital agendas (European, national, regional). Assinter has been  giving its contribution to how reducing the cultural divide in the Public Sector. For Assinter, the development of digital culture is a strategic asset for innovation: it is crucial to revive and expand the skills of people who are facing so important challenges.

Here, some events were Assinter took part:

October 21, 2017 – Conference convened by the Quadrato della radio on “Broad Band connection and Gygabite Society”, Padova: The discussion, with the presence of our President Simone Puksic and our Director Luca Rigoni, marked the point on the actual status of the ultra wide band diffusion in Italy, the use of fast internet by citizens and businesses and the market conditions in support to the industrial policies put in place by the government and the European Union: “Promoting networks – Simone Puksic said during his speech – also means having the right skills to build it. The effort is immense, given the contingency times provided for by government plans: we should need an investment in human resources estimated between 15,000 and 20,000 hires”.

October 24, 2017 – Presentation of the book “Smart Health. Matrixes, Road Map and Other Tools for Re-Planning Healthcare”, Milano: The author of the volume, Prof. Mauro Moruzzi, investigated the tools behind electronic healthcare that are spreading in Italian regions; instruments marked by a high level of innovation and characterized by a marked degree of interconnectivity. The survey focus on the Paper and Electronic Health File, the Digital Clinical Folder, the Care App, the Big Data, and the “patient centered” networks of continuity assistance. The purpose of the volume is to unlock Smart Health’s “building sites” and to track what healthcare innovations have already produced and the concrete rationalization results. Our President Simone Puksic and our Director Luca Rigoni were present, as well as representatives of the world of Italian Regions, the University and the National Health Service.

October 25, 2017 – The 2018 edition of iCitylab, Milano: This annual meeting represents a moment of reflection on the themes of digital innovation, public utilities, manufacturing 4.0 and urban participation and regeneration through innovative workshops. The panel on which our Director Luca Rigoni intervened is “Common Utilities Utilities: Local Public Services between New Models and Technology”, addressing the idea of ​​renewal that is being produced in how to govern cities, through a model of multilevel co-management between administrations and public service providers. Urban waste, integrated water service, electricity distribution and local public transport will increasingly be strategically traversed by a high-speed innovation of inter-connectivity. In order to strengthen these process, it will be necessary to have adequate infrastructure and technology upgrading, imagining a co-design of local services and their delivery.

26 October 2017 – Samsung Business Summit 2017, Milano: The theme chosen for this years’ edition has been Cyber ​​Security. Business, University and PA world leaders have discussed about the strategic issue of protecting the most important assets they possess: Data. Speaker of the panel was the President Simone Puksic. His speech focused on digital evolution and the great opportunity that it now represents, however it is accompanied by the theme of data security. Access to the network, the ability to use innovative devices and new technologies, have allowed access to a world of possibilities, constantly evolving, but also constantly exposed to cyber attacks. Every day millions of codes, sensitive data and numbers are likely to be intercepted and stolen. We must be able to prevent these facts.

Silvia Barbieri, assinteritalia (Italy)