APIS IT enables online registration of birth of a child in Croatia

Grayscale Photo of Baby Feet With Father and Mother Hands in Heart Signs

In cooperation with the Ministry of public administration APIS IT developed a new service that enables parents In Croatia to register the birth of their child online. The new e-service, available through the e-Citizen platform, integrates data bases and information systems of Ministry of public administration, Ministry of interior and Croatian Institute for Health Insurance.

In the first stage of the project APIS IT integrated all register offices and birth records with the systems of Ministry of interior and Health Insurance which enabled parents to resolve all matters connected with the birth of a child in just one visit to the local register office – registering the birth, registering for Croatian citizenship, applying for permanent residence and health insurance and claiming the benefits.

Implementation of the first stage of the project brought about significant advancement of the process and represented a great time saving opportunity for the parents who from now on deal with all the formalities in just one office, instead of three different institutions. Ministry of public administration has estimated this service has saved the parents 100.000 hours that they had to spend in waiting lines.

In the second stage of the project APIS IT enabled registration of birth as a fully transactional service on the e-Citizen platform – parents register the birth online and receive in their personal user inbox electronic documents for the new-born child and information on their benefits claim. In addition to saving time, parents using the e-service from their homes also save money that would have to paid in taxes when visiting the local register office.

(Picture Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/grayscale-photo-of-baby-feet-with-father-and-mother-hands-in-heart-signs-733881/)

Zehra Kilic-Tuerkan, BRZ (Austria)
Zehra Kilic-Tuerkan, BRZ (Austria)