The Once-Only Conference For Europe

About the conference

The event will take place on 24th and 25th September 2018. It will be the second joint Once-Only Conference, hosted by two projects: TOOP and SCOOP4C. It will present the most recent achievements by both projects, focusing on OOP solutions for businesses, public administrations and citizens. One of the key points of the event will be symbolic handover of the results from the SCOOP4C, which ends in November, to the TOOP project. Each day of the conference will be devoted to different topics:

  • First day, “interactive day” will focus on the attractive presentations and the display of the pilots and project achievements.
  • Second day is going to focus on the high-level presentations and discussions, success stories of the national OOP implementation and the impact of the Single Digital Gateway Regulation for the Once-Only Principle.

For who?

The conference is going to bring together representatives of national governments, the European Commission and businesses. It is also open to all, who are interested in topics related to the once-only principle (OOP) and its implementation in Europe on a cross-border level.

Draft programme

Zehra Kilic-Tuerkan, BRZ (Austria)
Zehra Kilic-Tuerkan, BRZ (Austria)