Markus Kaiser from BRZ (Austria) is the new President of Euritas

Managing Director of the Federal Computing Center (BRZ, Austria) focuses on AI ethics and rules for cloud Providers.

Markus Kaiser, Managing Director of the Austrian Federal Computing Center (BRZ), was appointed new President of the European Association of Public IT Service Providers (EURITAS) in February. The election was held by all member organizations using the blockchain-secured voting tool “BRZ eDem”. Soren Ulrich Vulff, Sasa Bilic and Ralf Resch strengthen Kaiser as Vice Presidents. The period of the new Euritas leadership will last two years. “I am pleased to be able to take on this responsible task. Together with the existing and new members, EURITAS will support the expansion of digital administration services and provide know-how with a strong and competent voice in order to advance the digitization of administration across Europe” said Kaiser.

Define rules for AI in Europe

In addition to the acquisition of new member organizations, Kaiser also focuses on the discussion about the ethical use of artificial intelligence. With the increasing advance of the use of artificial intelligence in the public sector, the question of the interaction between human and machine in administration is becoming more and more pressing. “The basic rules and laws according to which AI systems work must correspond to our European values. EURITAS would like to make proposals for solutions in this area and examine best-practice concepts” said Kaiser about his priorities in the area of AI.

Driving the EU cloud

“American cloud providers like Google, Microsoft or Amazon dominate the European market, their products are increasingly linked to the use of cloud-based storage solutions. However, the use of non-European cloud solutions raises questions about data security and data protection. In order to be able to counter the market power of large software providers and to be able to effectively implement requirements, a joint appearance by major European customers is necessary. A “European Cloud Law” should define the rules of the game according to which cloud services operate in Europe” Kaiser concludes about the future of cloud applications in Europe.

About Euritas

EURITAS is the European Association of Public IT Service Providers. The Vienna-based organization, which is constituted as an association, currently comprises 11 member organizations, including the Federal Computing Center (BRZ) as a founding member. EURITAS aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and cooperation between the member companies. Furthermore, EURITAS also makes its knowledge available to European organizations and advises decision-makers on cross-border cooperation opportunities in the IT field. EURITAS also coordinates a regular, multi-week exchange program for employees of member organizations within Europe for the purpose of exchanging knowledge and experience.


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