Euritas Forum on Cloud Services in the Public Sector

Euritas is organizing a Forum on Cloud Services in the Public Sector (October 13, 2022 in Brussels) in order to discuss the topic of cloud services and possible strategies for public IT service providers to gain more independence from large providers dominating the market. The current situation can be summed up with the fact that 70% of public cloud services are operated by five major providers from the US and China. European public administrations are facing difficulties in finding services they need in terms of data protection and digital sovereignty.

The agenda of the Forum includes representatives from the European Commission, European Parliament, Euritas, Cloud service providers and public administration as participants in a panel discussion.


Keynote: Gartner

Panel disucssion: 

  • Pierre Chastanet, DG Connect, European Commission
  • Prof. Reinhard Posch, CIO Austria
  • Georges Welz, DELOS Cloud GmbH
  • Francisco Mingorance, CISPE
  • Ralf Resch, Euritas and VITAKO


Euritas will use this Forum to present its latest position paper and we invite you to discuss our conclusions and the needs of European public administration and public IT service providers. Together we want to devise possible strategies for enabling secure and independent deployment of cloud technology.

Juliana Mueller, BRZ (Austria)